Sept. 23, 2020

Back to School with Cordelia Smith

Back to School with Cordelia Smith
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In this episode I am joined by Cordelia Smith of Rochester, NY. Cordelia and I are discussing our different opinions related to our children returning to school. I chose in school learning for my son while she chose full remote learning. In this conversation we show that two mothers can have different opinions about what is best for their children and still see eye to eye. 

We discuss our struggles with adjusting during the pandemic and the changes our children experienced.  We also share 5 strategies you can use to help your child be successful during the school year rather you have chosen in school learning or remote learning. The five strategies we discussed are:

1.      Establish a routine

2.      Limit distractions

3.      Encourage your children

4.      Offer feedback

5.      Take breaks for fun

Guest Bio

Cordelia is the creator of an up and coming blog called Fortified Heart, a personal blog that sheds light on issues surrounding anxiety and depression. Cordelia currently attends Keuka College as a full time Junior student majoring in Social Work. She has been assisting individuals with disabilities since she was only 16 years old in her grandmother’s self-employed Independent Living Housing locations. She is also currently employed full time as a secretary. Cordelia has always been very passionate in helping others. She has volunteered at places ranging from The Boys & Girls club, Rochester’s clean sweep team, and Breast Cancer walks. Cordelia is a proud mother of her 9-year-old son Laron and is also currently expecting another wonderful buddle of joy. Motherhood had its many challenges in her life, and she can relate to the many struggles women face when handling this role. Cordelia is looking forward to networking and motivating others. She is always open to listen and provide positive feedback to those in need.

Cordelia Smith