Jan. 6, 2021

Building Your Support System with Synitta Walker

Building Your Support System with Synitta Walker
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In this episode I am joined by Synitta Walker.  She describes her motherhood journey and shares how she built her non-traditional support system. Synitta reminds us that we can thrive as a mother and woman with the right supports around us. Tune in to hear Synitta's story and learn tips to help you build a solid support system.

Guest Bio
Writer/Editor for 30+ years but professionally 20+ years
Accounting & Finance Professional for 20+ years
Mother of 11 years and some gestational months
Avid coffee drinker
Lover of nonconventional beauty and booty
Resident weirdo, the good kind
Reading enthusiast and book collector
Never falls asleep during terminal romance films but known to fall asleep during damn near anything else because when my body is still, it thinks it should be sleep
My purpose in life wasn’t to be a mother or wife. It’s to improve communication on a grand scale but it took me being both of those things to figure out how to fully live in my purpose
True maintenance of happiness and solid gold friendships, are my life long goals.