Nov. 30, 2020

Intro to Season 2: Motherhood is Traumatic

Intro to Season 2: Motherhood is Traumatic
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This episode is an introduction to season two and provides a sneak peak into the guests that will join the podcast. 

In this episode I share an excerpt from a book titled Parenting for Liberation by Trina Green-Brown. The piece from the story identified motherhood as traumatic. I share my views about this association between trauma and motherhood. I discuss ways to redefine our circumstances in relation to experiences in motherhood.  In this episode I describe what it means to redefine circumstances.  A change in your mindset can result in a drastic change in your life. 

I break down the definition of circumstance and apply it to real life situations. I describe the importance of looking past your current circumstances and focus on what can be birthed out of the situation.

In this episode I encourage you to explore the following questions:
1. How has motherhood conditioned you? 
2. How has motherhood healed you?
3. What seeds were planted when you stepped into motherhood and what grew from those seeds?