Oct. 19, 2020

Navigating Parenting, Education and Career with LaShara Evans

Navigating Parenting, Education and Career with LaShara Evans

In this episode, I share a conversation I had with LaShara (Shari) Evans about Career, Parenting and Education.  She shares her career journey, how she is managing her family during this pandemic and her experiences as a School Principal. 

Shari tells the story of how her career path was directed by God. When she entered college she had no intention of going into education, and here she is serving as a School Principal. In terms of navigating her career, Shari shared these three points with me:

1.       Know your worth 

2.       Know your niche

3.       Ask for feedback 

Shari also provided tips and strategies parents can use to help them support their children during this new way of learning, rather hybrid or fully remote. She empowers mothers to:

1.       Communicate with teachers to let them know their specific needs for their family. 

2.       Know the power of your voice, and demand that you child receives the supports that they need. 

3.       Be open to changing your routine to help your child succeed. 

Additionally, Shari shared advice that she would give to mothers to help them grow as women and to show up for their children. She suggested: 

1.       Know your worth as a women in terms of friendships and relationships 

2.       Be patient with yourself, show yourself grace

3.       Be a model for your children 

4.       “Stop Cussing at your kids” Be mindful of the language you are using with them, words can hurt.

Guest Bio: 

LaShara Evans began her journey in the Rochester City School District. After graduating from the School of the Arts, she obtained her bachelors in Public Health from the University of Rochester. She then received her master’s in education with a special certification in Urban Education from the University of Rochester’s Warner school of education. 

            During Evans’ 14 years in the district she has served in various capacities and leadership roles. She taught grades 4-6 and served as math instructional coach. As a teacher, she completed the Noyce Master Teacher Fellowship program, which prepared math and science teachers to create a critical mass of teacher leaders. Through a combination of coursework, mentored experiences and on-site opportunities, she developed knowledge and skills in STEM content and pedagogy, STEM coaching, and STEM professional development and leadership. As a Noyce Fellow, Evans received her school building and district leadership certification. Evans is also a graduate of the NYCLA Aspiring Principals Program, which develops passionate leaders who are driven to increase outcomes and opportunities for RCSD students, families, and schools. 

            Evans transitioned to leadership as an Expanded Learning Resource Coordinator at Abraham Lincoln School #22. Her role ensured students had more and better time at school while connecting with the community. This included creating a program where students had access to more time with core subjects along with enrichment activities. The following year, she was named Assistant Principal at school #22. Evans’ contributions as an Assistant Principal included significant improvements in attendance, family connections and school discipline. The school’s accountability standing improved from receivership to priority and then to focus during her almost 4 years at #22. In late March of 2019, she was named acting Principal of Flower City School #54. In just a few months, the school’s suspensions and discipline referrals decreased dramatically.  Later, in June, she was named the permanent Principal of Flower City School #54. 

            Evans is also the Executive Director of First Community Interfaith Institute Inc., which was started by her father, the late Lawrance Lee Evans Sr. One aspect of the organization is to provide tutoring to students at a low and affordable rate. Evans is also an adjunct professor at the University of Rochester’s Warner School of Education where she teachers Race, Class, Gender and Disabilities and Schools. 

            Evans prides herself as an instructional leader while creating a culture and climate conducive to teaching and learning. 


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