Oct. 5, 2020

Congratulations You're Pregnant

Congratulations You're Pregnant
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MomMe Timeout’s brand is about Authenticity, Sisterhood and Winning at life. In this episode I exude all three of these. I share my pregnancy story and I am very honest about my experience. I let it all hang out to help you, my sister, learn to embrace your experiences and learn from them. My goal is to see you overcome any negative experiences and win at life. I share three lessons that I learned from my pregnancy story. These three lessons are: 

1.       Make the decision that is best for you, but remember that those impacted by your decision have the right to their feelings. Be willing to understand their thoughts and feelings even if your decision will not change. Do not become angry with them because of their feelings. Anger is a draining emotion and no one wins in the end. 

2.       Allow those who are impacted by your decision to process at their own pace. Do not force them to do things your way. “My way or the highway” mentality can leave everyone hurt in the end.

3.       If you make a decision that does not work out the way you anticipated, remember that you can make another decision. We all have choices, and making one choice does not mean that it is the end. You have the free will to make changes if you are not comfortable.