Dec. 28, 2020

Single Mother By Choice with Melissa (Missy) Benham

Single Mother By Choice with Melissa (Missy) Benham

In this episode I am joined by Melissa (Missy) Benham. After graduating with her bachelors in Social Work Missy knew she wanted to work in behavioral health and was excited when she was offered a position at a community based organization. Missy  works full time as the Intake and Office Manager. Once some of her personal goals were achieved (getting a degree, buying a house) she started to realize what she was really missing in her life. Her biggest goal was always to be a mother and when it didn’t happen organically Missy made it happen. In this episode Missy shares her story of choosing to become a single by choice through donor insemination. She did not allow her circumstances of being single, without a partner to hold her back from her dreams of becoming a mother. Family has always been the most important thing to her and now she has the sweetest little girl who keeps her on her toes and reminds her everyday of what is truly important.

Tune in to learn how Missy prepared herself  for the process, her experiences while waiting, how she built her support system and how she is managing as a single mother by choice. Want to watch Libby grow? Follow Missy on Instagram.
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