Dec. 9, 2020

Pushing Through Your Circumstances With Jehna Brown.

Pushing Through Your Circumstances With Jehna Brown.

In this episode I am joined by Jehna Brown to continue our conversation about redefining circumstances. She shares her story of becoming a teenage parent and being faced with having to quickly find employment, shelter, and build on her support system. Jehna describes a heartbreaking moment where she was unsure of how to move forward because of her situation. Despite what was right in front of her she made the decision to press on and have a vision of what her life could be. She is now a mother of three, managing multiple businesses and  doing motherhood and womanhood like a boss!

 Jehna provides tips on:

1. Building your support system
2. Making difficult decisions
3. Managing a Business
4. Balancing work and home life

Guest Bio

On a social media post once, her late Uncle Richard described Jehna Brown as,

The Undisputed Winner… skating through this life with ease, despite a few falls - and the crisp chill of Winter.”

She often circles back to read those words to hang on to the memory of her uncle, but it also reminds her of how she is a woman of perseverance – always ready to take on any obstacle that comes her way. She strongly believes in the phrase, “No Grit. No Pearl.”

Jehna is a 31-year-old mother of three, born and raised in Rochester, NY where she graduated from high school, birthed her first child, and completed her undergrad studies. In response to the burning desire for a change in scenery and to have access to greater opportunities, she relocated to the South where her mother was living at the time.  Jehna has been a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina working in the field of Healthcare Solutions for over 7 years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences from The College at Brockport and a Master of Public Health degree obtained from Capella University.

Her dreams of becoming a public health advisor and working for the Centers for Disease Control as an epidemiologist has shifted and she is now entering the field of entrepreneurship. Last year she launched her virtual assistant business, Clerical Necessities, which provides remote personal assistance for those who may lack the time, knowledge, and/or resources to complete certain tasks on their own. More recently, she has started an Ecommerce business and has been exploring the world of network marketing, real estate, and trading. Outside of working in healthcare and building businesses, some of her hobbies include writing, decorating her home, and studying the Bible. All of this, of course, comes second to her role of “mommy” – which involves grooming and nurturing a twelve-year girl pre-teen and two beautiful little boys ages 1 and 5, whom she loves more than anything. Jehna strives each day to not only teach but show her children that they can achieve anything they put their mind and effort toward.